Christmas wreath care and essential advice

A Christmas wreath hanging on your front door or prominent wall in your home will certainly make a joyful statement. Not to mention the amazing scent that will flow through your home or greet you every time you come and go. Of course, you want to keep your wreaths and garlands as fresh as possible for as long as you can. So, here are some essential care tips to keep them green.

How long can they last

When displayed indoors, your Christmas wreath or garland can last up to three weeks. Provided, of course, that it is properly cared for. If you display them outdoors and the weather is cool enough, they can last even longer.

Wreath care

If you are not yet ready to display your wreath, you should at least place it in a cool area until you’re ready. Before you hang the Christmas wreath, make sure that you submerge it in water overnight. This will ensure that it is properly hydrated and this helps extend their life. It also helps them retain their beautiful fresh scent. After this, you can apply a layer of anti-desiccant spray. This helps lock in the moisture. Once hung, you can spritz the back of the wreath regularly with water. Make sure that you keep the wreath away from sunlight and any other source of heat.

Keep garlands green

Much like your Christmas wreath, garlands also need to be stored in a cool place before it is displayed. There is no need to soak the foliage but you definitely need to use some anti-desiccant spray. You can also spritz the garland every few days to keep it moist and fresh. Again, like wreaths, keep your garlands away from sunlight and sources of heat like radiators and fireplaces.

By following these simple tips, you will extend the life of your Christmas wreath or garland and ensure that it looks great for the duration of the holidays. You may even use some of these tactics on your Christmas tree!