Christmas plants and flowers – the traditional approach

If you want to decorate your home this holiday season or treat somebody special to a seasonal gift, Christmas plants and flowers always make a lovely choice. By choosing the right plants and flowers for those lucky recipients, you will share some holiday cheer and make their Christmas season that much brighter. Here are some of the top traditional options when it comes to festive blooms and plants.


There won’t be any unexpected kisses if you don’t plan on hanging mistletoe around your home! While these Christmas plants are technically classified as parasites, they are traditionally associated with the holidays and they make for a fun festive tradition. You can also add them to various displays for some added holiday spirit.


While they are available in a few colours, red Poinsettias are the most popular around Christmas time. These Christmas plants are known for lasting all the way until spring. After this, they normally become dormant and, if you don’t put all of your efforts into keeping it alive, it will eventually perish. This is why so many people prefer to replace their poinsettias every year.


The green and red shades of this plant make it a top addition to festive décor. These Christmas plants have been used in homes for many years and this tradition goes further back than the festive celebrations we know and love today.


While Holly is associated with men, ivy is the symbol of women and this plant is excellent for use in centrepieces as well as wreaths and garlands. These traditional Christmas plants are loved for their flexible stems which make them so easy to manipulate and shape. Ivy represents a number of things. One of which being true love.

Christmas Rose

These Christmas plants make excellent gifts for friends and loved one. Traditionally, the plant blooms red flowers and they are associated with the story of the three wise men. Since they had no gifts to offer the baby Jesus, an angel guided them to the most beautiful red rose. You can use this plant as an extra decoration in your home, beside your tree or even as your festive centrepiece.

When it comes to Christmas plants and flowers, there are many options available. You don’t even need to stick to tradition any more unless it is something that is particularly important to you and your loved ones. To find the very best festive flowers and potted plants, check out the Christmas section when browsing for flowers online. Your online florist is bound to have plenty to offer.