Christmas flowers for those who love tradition

Every family and culture has its own traditions. Some traditions are intimate in nature while others are well-known and celebrated by communities and others celebrated around the world. Christmas is celebrated across the world and there are a number of traditions associated with this occasion. There are traditional foods, decorations, and gifts. When choosing the right kinds of flowers for Christmas, it’s good to consider something traditional.

Holly and misteltoe are popular plants for this occasion and they can both be added to your bouquet in a number of ways. You can add those of the fresh variety or artificial if you prefer. They can be attached to a wreath using floral wire or you can attach them to picks and add them to a bouquet. Remember, if you hang any mistletoe, you need to prepare to pucker up!

Pine and fir are also popular when it comes to Christmas foliage. Ivy can also be used if you want to create a cascading effect or for horizontal table arrangements. Ivy represents woman and holly represents man which is why they represents true love when they are paired together. They are great good luck symbols and they make an excellent gift for couples.

Poinsettias are associated with Christmas due to legends and traditions. They symbolize the importance of giving gifts with love. When giving any gifts, it’s important to always give from the heart which is why potted Poinsettias are such popular traditional gifts. Another plant associated with this time of year is the Christmas Rose. Like the Poinsettia, there are stories about this fabulous flower. It is beautiful, elegant, and will be the kind of gift that keeps on giving.

The Christmas cactus is another option and also referred to as the orchid cactus. There are a number of species from which to choose and they are perfect for hanging in baskets. They bloom around the festive season which is exactly why they are perfect for the holidays.

There are also flowers that are not directly associated with Christmas but by choosing the right colours, you can create a stunning festive floral arrangement. Some of the flowers you will find at your local florist at this time of year include chrysanthemums, carnations, and roses. By choosing red and white flowers along with dark green foliage, you are off to the best start. Alternatively, you can stick to red flowers and add gold accessories. If you don’t fancy red and gold, you could choose white flowers and add some blue and silver accessories. Remember, blue and silver look great together while red and gold look perfect together.