Christmas flower trends for décor and gifts

If you don’t know what type of Christmas flower arrangement or gift to send this year, not to worry. Here are some of the top current trends. One or more of these beautiful ideas are sure to make any lucky recipient smile this Christmas.

Bright and joyful

The holidays are all about love, joy and sharing. This is all he more reason to share the joy by sending a Christmas flower arrangement rich in colour. Bright red and hot pink blooms paired with light green flowers could be just what you need for a non-traditional Christmas display.

Natural and neutral

Neutral colours such as white, beige, brown and hints of gold are also lovely Christmas flower displays. White blooms like roses, lilies and chrysanthemums will look amazing when paired with pine cones, sticks and similar natural elements. Keep your foliage lighter too. Dusty-looking leaves like eucalyptus will work particularly well.

Traditional designs

There is always room for a traditional Christmas flower arrangement on any table during the holidays. These bouquets usually include a combination of white, red and lush green. Red roses paired with white lilies or chrysanthemums and dark green foliage will be perfect. You can also add some berries and even a few gold accessories if you like. Flower picks are excellent for slipping accessories in between your blooms.

Christmas trees

A more recent Christmas flower trend comes in the form of a Christmas tree. When you send a potted tree, you will notice that there are several options. Some include extra accessories that can be used to decorate the tree. Small decorations and lights are fantastic for making this gift truly complete. The best part about sending a mini Christmas tree is the fact that it can be enjoyed for years inside the home before it outgrows the indoor environment. At this stage, it can be planted in the garden and enjoyed for years.

These are a few of the top current Christmas flower trends that will help you decorate your own home and choose the most memorable floral gifts for the holidays. Remember, your instincts are most important. When shopping, take a look at each of your gift options and take note of how they make you feel. Your emotional reaction is a great indicator for how the lucky recipient will react to your festive gift.