Children enjoy Valentine’s Day too

From a child’s perspective, Valentine’s Day takes on a somewhat different meaning. Young children enjoy celebrating love in a somewhat more innocent sense. What better way of getting them involved than by enjoying some fun Valentine’s Day crafts together? Your kids can choose whether they want to send a handmade gift to somebody special at school or they can make something special or mum and dad. Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating love, but remember, this does not mean that we are limited to romantic love only!

Make a card

There are so many wonderful designs and ideas available when it comes to Valentine’s Day cards. Whether you want to keep it simple or create something truly spectacular, there are no rules or limits! Let your kids choose the design they want to create (based on their age and personal preferences). Once they know which one they like, help them as much as is needed. You may need to stock up on some arts and crafts supplies and you might need to print pictures out too. Let them cut, paste, draw, and create the masterpiece they will be proud of. If they need help writing a message, you can write the words on a piece of paper and let your little one copy. If they are too young to write, you can ask them to tell you what they want to say and then you can hold their hand while writing their message.

Make flowers

Flower crafts are fun and they vary from easy to complex. Younger children might feel more comfortable making paper flowers using crepe paper. Older children could be capable of knitting and assembling fabric flowers. Choose a method and design that suits your child’s abilities and offer as little help as possible. This is THEIR project, after all.

Decorate a basket

This is really fun and versatile. Simply look for an old basket or buy one from your local craft shop. Once you have the perfect basket, it’s time to decorate! You can choose what you want to use in terms of paint, ribbons, glitter and cut-outs of cupid or hearts. You can even add flowers if you like. Once the basket is beautifully decorated, fill it up with something like homemade cupcakes, muffins, or chocolates. You don’t need to make the chocolate yourself but you could buy some chocolate, melt it and pour it into little heart shapes. This is great as a gift for your whole class.

Painting or finger painting

Let your child paint a pretty picture or, if they are young, you could opt for finger painting instead. There are dozens of ideas online and all you need to do is search for a few minutes and you’ll all be wonderfully inspired!