Brighten up your Christmas table with flowers

Planning the perfect Christmas is all about making sure that you have all of your bases covered. This means that you need to decide on a menu, decorations, seating arrangements, and find something suitable to wear. The menu will depend on the number of guests and any preferences or dietary needs. Your decorations will range from a Christmas tree, perhaps a wreath or two, and other festive displays. Fresh flowers can also make excellent decorations. Especially when it comes to your centrepiece.

There are a number of seasonal flowers available this time of year and there are a few great Christmas options. Mistletoe, holly, and poinsettia are all excellent options and you can use fresh or artificial flowers and plants depending on your preferences. Remember to choose the right colour scheme and keep it festive. Red and gold, blue and silver, or even red, white, and green are all great options. You’re not limited to flowers and foliage. You can also add festive accessories like bells and ribbons.

The kinds of flowers you choose depend on the type of dinner or lunch you have planned. Some flowers are suited more for elegant events whereas others are great for casual meals. Take note of the shape and size of your table since this will determine the shape and size of your Christmas centrepiece.

Smaller tables call for smaller bouquets. Round tables are best decorated with round or circular arrangements. Longer, rectangular tables can be decorated with horizontal centrepieces. You can use trailing foliage like ivy to create the perfect lines and add colourful flowers like chrysanthemums, carnations, or roses. Your centrepiece should not be too tall or it will obstruct your guests’ views of one another and can make communication difficult. Make sure that your flower arrangement is not too big for the table because you don’t want your flowers to get in the way of your plates or glasses.

Another great option to consider is a tablescape. These consist of one or more small arrangements as well as other accessories like candles and holiday ornaments to emphasize the festive theme.