Birthday flowers for November

If you have a friend or loved one who celebrates their birthday in November and you’re not sure what to get them this year, consider a sentimental bouquet of birthday flowers. If you are wondering how flowers can be sentimental, well, every month of the year is associated with a particular bloom. For the month of November, this is the chrysanthemum. So, when you send a bouquet that includes mums, you are sending a sweet, thoughtful and sentimental gift!

The meaning of these birthday flowers

All flowers are associated with at least one meaning and chrysanthemums are no exception. These blooms symbolise loyalty and cheerfulness. They are also associated with affectionate relationships and close connections with friends and family. These blooms will not only help you honour them for their birthday, but also celebrate your relationship with the lucky recipient.

Birthday flowers or plants

When it comes to sending a floral gift, many people find themselves wondering whether they should opt for a beautiful bouquet or precious potted plant. There is no right or wrong answer. There is only the best gift for the recipient. Each recipient is different so you need to consider their lifestyle, personality and how much space they have to display their bouquet or plant. For example, cut chrysanthemums would be best for somebody who is too busy to care for a plant. A vase of fresh flowers is also more practical if you know that they don’t have the space for a plant or if their home does not suit the preferences of the plant.

A little something extra

One of the best things about ordering birthday flowers online is the fact that you can add various optional extras to your order. These include chocolates, balloons and even a birthday cake! There are so many ways in which you can make the recipient’s day even more memorable. All flower orders come with a message card so that you can express your sincerest wishes and let the recipient know who sent them such a stunning bouquet.

With the November birth flower in mind, it’s easier than ever to shop for birthdays around this time of year. Although Christmas is just around the corner, it is still very important to make sure that they enjoy their birthday thoroughly.