Birthday blooms – which ones are best for your loved one

If somebody you care about is celebrating their birthday, it’s important to let them know that you are thinking of them. Even if you are not able to pay them a visit, you can still send flowers and gifts directly to their door. By ordering birthday blooms online, you can have them delivered directly to the recipient. Here are some ideas to help you choose a beautiful bouquet.


The lily is known and loved for its exotic appearance and superb perfume. Stargazer lilies, for example, have a bold appearance and their scent will fill the room. They can be displayed all on their own or you can pair them with other flowers such as roses to create an even more impressive bouquet of birthday blooms.


When you think of sunflowers, you cannot help but smile. This is because they are large, bright and bold. The fact that they fill you with joy is precisely what makes them such perfect birthday blooms. Sunflowers also represent pure love which can be interpreted as friendly love or romantic love. Yet another reason why they are so versatile and suitable for everyone on their birthday.


While these are spring flowers, you might still be able to order them from your online flowers even when they are not in season. These birthday blooms will also send a message of admiration of their youthful looks. You will need several stems to create a full bouquet but the good news is that you do not necessarily need to pair them with any other flowers. They look gorgeous all on their own.

Birth month blooms

Another great idea is to opt for month-specific bouquets. Each month is associated with a different flower. Look for a bouquet that consists of or includes these flowers and you have the perfect bouquet of birthday blooms. If you cannot find a bouquet that includes their birth flower, you could look for one that includes the same colour as their birthstone.

If none of these ideas suit your needs, you can always choose a bouquet of their favourites. If, for example, they love roses, then a bouquet of roses will be the perfect gift. You can select a single colour or, if you prefer, you could choose a mixed bouquet for something extra bright and cheerful.