Better morning mood with flowers

If you are like many others out there, you tend to hit the snooze button on your alarm at least once every morning. Sometimes, we even turn our alarms off only to nod off again and wake up several minutes later. Once you do open your eyes, it’s usually the same old morning routine and the only people who wake up with a huge smile on their face first thing in the morning are actors in those completely unrealistic mattress adverts.

Fortunately, there is something you can do to give yourself a great mental and emotional boost first thing in the morning. By making your surroundings more visually pleasing, it will definitely affect your mood. It’s important to remember that fresh flowers will have an impact on your mood but they do not last forever. This means that they will need to be replaced every couple of weeks. Even if you are not able to invest in more than one flower arrangement every other week, you could still have your florist make a monthly flower delivery so that you have something to look forward to.

If you are planning on opting for a regular delivery, you should remember that variety is important. Let your florist know that you will need something different every time rather than the same bouquet. If you want to make the process even more exciting, you can ask your florist to surprise you with their choice. Simply set a value and let them know what size the bouquet should be. If there are any flowers or colours you do not want, be sure to specify this too.

Now you will need to choose the best spot for your cheerful flowers. Consider your morning routine and think about where you will likely spend most of your time. You wake up in your bedroom but it’s most likely that you will visit the bathroom and them make your way to the kitchen and possibly the living room. Wherever you spend your time enjoying your morning coffee or breakfast, this is where you should display your bouquet.

If you want to have something beautiful to look at as soon as you open your eyes, you could select one flower along with some filler or foliage and place it in a small vase. Place this bud arrangement beside your bed for that floral boost first thing in the morning.