The best Christmas flowers

If you are looking for the ideal flowers to send for Christmas, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of options. While many people think that flowers are not all that abundant, online flower shopping makes it easier than ever to find the perfect bouquet.

The first thing to consider is the colour scheme of the arrangement. Red is a popular colour for Christmas flowers but red flower are also often seen as romantic. So, if you want to avoid sending such a message, you could pair red flowers with white ones. Red, white and green bouquets are an excellent choice.

If you do want to stick to the red colour scheme, make sure that you add plenty of foliage and some Christmas accents too. Gold looks wonderful and festive when paired with red flowers like roses. Gold leaves and other Christmas accessories will help you create the desired look without creating a romantic bouquet.

Another possible choice, depending on availability, is to ask your florist for a blue and white bouquet. It might not sound like the usual Christmas colour scheme but if you add bright silver accents it will certainly do the trick. Again, silver leaves are great and so are small beads and silver pine cones.

If you prefer a potted plant, you could order a Poinsettia. These plants are associated with the Christmas season and they are very easy to care for. If you have several Poinsettias, you can place them around the base of your Christmas tree before and after the gifts are arranged and opened. If you are looking for a great gift to send for Christmas and one that will last, you can’t go wrong with a Poinsettia plant. Wreaths also make an excellent gift and they are available in several sizes to suit different budgets and needs. Don’t forget to consider adding something extra like a bottle of bubbly or luxury chocolates when you order Christmas flowers.