About the beautiful Casa Blanca Lily

The Casa Blanca Lily is part of the same group as oriental lilies such as Stargazers. These flowers are known for their trumpet-shaped petals that extend out- and upwards. They are available in white and associated with purity. This is what makes them an incredibly popular choice for brides around the world. When ordering these flowers for your home or office, you can be sure that they will prove to be a major conversation starter. All the more reason to brush up on your knowledge of this flower. You can use this knowledge to impress guests or clients!

These lilies bloom during the warmer months of the year which is important to note. If you buy them during the colder seasons, they might not be quite as happy and they could perish prematurely. While they enjoy warmer climates, this does not mean that you should keep your Casa Blanca Lilies in the sun. The room should be a comfortable temperature and your flowers set in a shaded part of the room.

If you wish to grow these flowers as a potted plant, you will need to take note of the kinds of conditions they need in order to thrive. These plants are grown frombulbs which need to be planted during the cooler autumnmonths. They need to endure a period of incubation during the winter and they will bloom when temperatures rise. If you want to transfer them to your garden, they can flourish. However, when winter approaches, you should mulch the flowerbed in order to protect them from the cold.

When you pick these lilies from your garden, you should keep a bucket of fresh, clean water nearby. As soon as the flower is plucked from the plant, you need to place it in some fresh water so that it does not start to wilt. It’s best to pick flowers in the morning because the plant and flowers are properly hydrated at this time of day and they will last that much longer as cut flowers. You should add some floral food to the vase water to help them last longer and make sure that they never run out of clean vase water.