Beautiful blooms – top 10 picks

If you are browsing for beautiful blooms and you are not sure which ones to pick, you are in luck! Here are our top 10 picks for the most beautiful flowers available. Remember, some of these flowers can be arranged all on their own while others are best paired with mass and filler flowers to really show off their beauty.


One of the most beautiful blooms of all has got to be the rose. There is no other flower quite like it. The lush, soft petals and gentle sweet scent make it the most romantic flower in the world. They are available in various colours and, even if you cannot find the colour you want, they can be dyed. Blue roses, for example, can be created by colouring white blooms with flower dye.


There are more than one hundred tulips species from which to choose and you can find these blooms just about anywhere when they are in season. Red tulips are a lovely romantic gesture for celebrations like Valentine’s Day. Mixed tulip bouquets are also very popular for various occasions.

Calla Lilies

It is the unusual shape of these beautiful blooms that make them so appealing. Instead of a bunch of petals, the calla lily has one trumpet-shaped petal along with a very prominent pistol. This unique appearance paired with the strong perfume make them an impressive addition to many different bouquets. They are popular for various occasions including weddings.

Cherry Blossoms

You might not find these beautiful blooms at your local florist but you might be in luck if you have a tree growing nearby. Cherry blossoms can be added to oriental-themed flower displays or you can pick several branches and set them in a vase. These blooms do not last long but they are an impressive sight all the same.

Lily of the Valley

The lily of the valley is technically not a lily but these beautiful blooms are still a top choice for many florists. They are often added to bridal bouquets because they are small and delicate. They also have a superb shape which makes them that much more appealing.


Dahlias are known for their full appearance and abundant petals. They grow to an impressive size too. They are the national flower of Mexico and they are available in various vibrant colours too. While they are often added to bouquets, they also make a lovely addition to your garden.


If you are looking for flowers that will last long and prove elegant, look no further than orchids. These beautiful blooms are known as the longest lasting of all cut flowers. Of course, if you want to send an orchid gift, you may wish to send a potted plant instead.


Many people are not familiar with this flower name. However, when you attend a Hawaiian-themed party, you will most definitely recognize them! These blooms are used to create lush Hawaiian leis.

Water Lilies

Water lilies were once the top choice for wedding centrepieces. While this trend has somewhat passed, they are still a lovely addition to your dinner table when entertaining guests in the summer. The best part of all is that you can float them on top of a bowl of water and you don’t need to worry about them drying out. They don’t take up much space either.


While they may look like they are large blooms, they actually consist of dozens of tiny flowers on a single stem. Available in various colours, many florists use hydrangeas in funeral and sympathy arrangements. They are also a top choice for weddings and these plants can brighten up the dullest corner of any garden.

These are just ten of the most beautiful blooms that you will find at your local florist and around your neighbourhood. Again, you can combine them with other blooms like carnations and chrysanthemums to create mixed flower arrangements that everyone will love.