Autumn flowers: Your top 3 choices

Autumn is here and nature is providing us with some of the most sensational beauties. While some might say that autumn is not as abundant in flower choices as the warmer months of the year, florists will disagree. There are so many amazing autumn flowers from which you can choose and they are perfect for warming up any room. Here are three of the most popular autumn blooms that you should enjoy this season.


While they start their bloom cycle in summer, sunflowers are also popular autumn flowers. Their bloom cycle is a long one which means that they are a popular addition to harvest displays. Paired with wheat, hay and pumpkins, taller varieties can even be displayed on your patio in a tall, floor vase. They bright yellow petals are the perfect contrast to natural brown shades associated with this time of year.


If you want autumn flowers that offer the most amazing and vibrant colours, dahlias are what you need! You can grow them in your garden or use them as cut flowers in your home. They usually start blooming around the middle of summer and they will continue to bloom throughout the autumn months. There are so many colours from which to choose and, during this time of year, darker reds and burgundy are most popular of all. They make excellent gifts for your friends as well. So, if you are going to try your hand at creating flower bouquets, you can always rely on dahlias for a dominant splash of colour.


A staple in many flower shops, the chrysanthemum is available in various shapes, sizes and colours. They are associated with the month of November and, since autumn lasts until the end of this month, it is particularly fitting. The best colours to choose for this time of year include red, yellow and orange. You can also add some off-white mums here and there for contrast. When paired with dark green foliage, these blooms stand out even more!

These are just three of the most popular autumn flowers that everyone should enjoy this season. Of course, when you shop for flowers online, you will notice that your florist has a special section dedicated to autumn blooms.