Autumn flower and floristry trends

Autumn is one of the richest seasons of the year. It’s a unique time of year during which we can combine the brightest colours with neutral tones to create a truly unique display. Here are some of the best autumn flower and floristry trends that you can try this season.

Wearing flowers

You don’t have to stick to displaying blooms in a vase or floral foam. You can also wear an autumn flower or a mini bouquet if you like. There are many ways of wearing flowers. You can place them in your hair, make your own jewellery or even as a corsage. Consider how you can use fresh or silk flowers to improve your look.

The beauty of imperfection

Imperfection is often the most beautiful part of any display. This is why autumn flower arrangements have so much to offer. Instead of selecting strictly the most beautiful blooms, you can now combine them with elements that would otherwise seem mismatched. Consider pairing pretty flowers with sticks or wheat. Not only will this create a contrast in terms of the colour scheme, but also with regards to texture. Look around your home for items that you can use as a vase. You can even use broken or cracked items like old watering cans to hold a bouquet. All you need to do is place a jar or plastic holder inside the watering can. It will give your arrangement a fabulous rustic look.

Dried blooms

Since trees are known for losing their leaves during this time of year, it makes sense that dried autumn flower arrangements are extremely popular. Just make sure that you dry your flowers properly before displaying them. The best way of doing this is by hanging your blooms upside down. It allows them to dry out without losing their shape or wilting. When you are not displaying these blooms, you can pack them away in an airtight container until next year.


This design is excellent for those who prefer a minimalist design. This autumn flower trend is actually the traditional Japanese art of flower arranging. The practice itself is highly meditative and it allows you to really connect with nature.

Remember, not only are the traditional autumn flower colours associated with the colours we see in nature, but they are also warm colours. When temperatures drop, it can really help you feel warmer and happier too. Even if there is no greenery and a real lack of colour out your window, a bright bouquet in the room will certainly help you stay positive.