Arranging a pastel flower display

During the spring season, pastel colours are the most popular in terms of fashion and home décor alike. These colours reflect the beauty of nature during this season which is why it’s so great to choose these colours when selecting spring flowers. If you are new to flower arranging and you want to spruce up your home this spring, here are some easy steps that you can follow.

You will need:


  • Prepare your stems by removing any any lower leaves and thorns.
  • Trim the stems to the appropriate length and, when you do, make sure that you trim them at an angle. This is to ensure that they absorb water easily and last longer.
  • Make a bow from the ribbon.
  • Wire all of the stems and tape them to conceal the wire and hold it in place. Green tape is essential for maintaining the most natural appearance.
  • The rose should be your focal flower so make sure that you use one of the large variety.
  • Behind the rose, you can place a stem of eryngium.
  • Add another two stems on either side of the rose and then you can add a filler like hebe in between each of these three stems.
  • Place a group of spray carnations around the flowers and make sure that they are evenly spaced apart.
  • Now add the calla lilly directly below your rose so that it creates a tail or trailing effect.
  • Fill the bouquet in with eucalyptus and give your bouquet a fabulous teardrop shape.
  • Add the feathers around the bouquet to create a frill.
  • Secure the stems together using a rubber band or some tape and then you can add a ribbon, perhaps wrap the bouquet in some decorative paper and present it as a gift. If you are making the arrangement for yourself, you can simply arrange it directly in a suitable vase.