Alternative flower vase ideas

When presenting a fresh flower arrangement, it’s so important to make sure that it looks its best. Apart from the flowers themselves, the flower vase can play a significant role in how your gift is received. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, here are some great vase ideas that will set your bouquet apart from any other while keeping your budget in tact.

Repurpose household items

Surely you have several items around your home that can serve as a flower vase. For example, an old watering can or mason jar will look lovely filled with fresh blooms. If you like, you can even decorate your repurposed item with all sorts of accessories, decoupage or simply apply a fresh coat of paint. If you are going for that rustic look, leave the vase as is and make sure that you choose the appropriate blooms to create this floral theme.

Recycling items you normally discard

There are also plenty of items that we throw away each day. Before you throw away a bottle, can or container, take a closer look. Inspect it and ask yourself if you could possibly use this item as a flower vase. Just like other household items, you can always give your vase a new look simply by applying some paint and accessories.

Floral foam instead

If you do not have a flower vase or anything that can be used to hold blooms, there is always the option of floral foam. The stems will need to be inserted into the wet foam and this foam will need to be placed on a plastic tray so that it does not get the table wet. Remember to be generous with your flower and foliage around the edge of the arrangement. This will help conceal the foam as well as the tray below. To keep the tray in place, you can use floral wire.

Skip the vase

Still unsure about the right vase? You can always skip it if you are feeling uncertain or if you know that your flower recipient already has a collection of vases. Handheld bouquets can be impressive all on their own if they are arranged and wrapped properly. When you order flowers from your favourite florist, you can be certain that they will take the time to ensure the bouquet looks its best with or without a vase.

Now that you have a few vase ideas, it’s time to shop for those flowers! Don’t forget to include a personal message in the note that is included with your bouquet. Let the recipient know just how special they are and how much they mean to you.