A vase is a vase, right?

So you just received the most beautiful bouquet of flowers and you need to find them a home before they start to wilt. You check your stash of vases but you are not sure which one to use. While some might think that a vase is a vase and anything will do, this could not be further from the truth. Different vases suit different bouquets for different reasons. There are so many different factors to consider including height, size and style. Here are some of the most popular vases and jars that you can always rely on when displaying a flower arrangement.

Mason jars

The mason jar is one of the most versatile items to have in any home! You can use it to store so many different items and you can even use it as a vase! They are sturdy and tough which are traits that every vase should have. Just remember to trim your flowers accordingly so that the bouquet does not appear top heavy. If you have a large bouquet and your flowers will not all fit in one mason jar, you could make a centrepiece using three jars of different sizes and heights. It will certainly give the arrangement wonderful depth.

Milk bottles

Glass milk bottles are also wonderful as vases. They have a wider top with a narrowed neck and a wider base. They are great for taller arrangements and you won’t need a lot of flowers to create a full and beautiful display.

Cylinder vases

A wide cylinder vase is an excellent choice for larger blooms like hydrangeas. They leave plenty of room for these wider blooms along with lush foliage.

Short or slender vases

If you have extra flowers or if any of their stems are damaged, you don’t have to throw them away. Flowers with broken stems can be trimmed and placed in short vases. Leftover flowers that do not fit in the vase with the rest of your blooms can be placed in slender vase.

Whatever you choose, you should never try to force too many flowers into a single vase. You will only damage the flowers and your arrangement will look cluttered. It will also no longer have the most beautiful shape.