8th wedding anniversary flowers

Your eighth wedding anniversary is a great achievement and certainly worth celebrating. It might not be seen as one of the main milestones, but every year together is important. By honouring every anniversary, you will maintain a strong relationship. Here are some excellent ideas for 8th wedding anniversary flowers and gifts.

The best wedding anniversary flowers

Every year is associated with a different flower. For this anniversary, lilacs are the flower of choice. White lilacs represent first love while purple ones are a symbol of the promise of rebirth. These small flowers grow in clusters on each stem which gives them that delicate yet impressive appearance. They can be enjoyed on their own or included in a mixed bouquet if you prefer. If you cannot find lilacs at your florist but you have some growing in your garden, you could always order a fresh bouquet and add some of your own lilacs to the mix.

Traditional and modern gift ideas

Apart from wedding anniversary flowers, there are also some great traditional and modern gifts from which you can choose. In some circles, salt is considered to be the traditional gift while others choose bronze. As for the modern gift, linen is the gift of choice for this anniversary. After eight years of marriage, it’s about time you treat yourselves to some luxurious new linens. Perhaps in the form of high-quality sheets, towels and so on.

8th anniversary colours

Tourmaline, Tanzanite and Bronze are associated with this anniversary. You can look for linens in any of these colours or add colourful accessories to your anniversary flowers. Flower picks, ribbons, vases and similar decorative items are great when you cannot find flowers in the traditional colours.

Keep all of these great ideas in mind when you want to spoil your spouse with a thoughtful and practical gift on your 8th anniversary. Don’t forget to include a special message when you order anniversary flowers. While the blooms will impress your spouse, your sincere words will melt their heart.