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Cyclamen plant care tips and advice
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Your cyclamen plant will do perfectly well outdoors during the warmer months. However, when temperatures drop, it is important to bring this plant inside. It will not do well in colder climates which is why you need to set aside the right spot inside your home for these cold months. When displaying your cyclamen indoors, keep these tips in mind.

Replace the planter

When you receive your cyclamen plant, you will notice that it will usually arrive in a plastic pot. You can spruce up your plant by placing it in a decorative planter. This will ensure that your plant looks as beautiful as possible in the room.

Protect the roots

The roots of your cyclamen plant, just like other plants, can prove quite sensitive. If they are disturbed, it can cause the plant to perish. If you need to replant your cyclamen, you will need to add more potting soil. To keep the roots happy, make sure that you use loam-based compost combined with peat and grit. Soil-less compost can be used but this makes watering more difficult since it does not hold moisture as well.


Your cyclamen plant will do well at temperatures around 13 degrees Celcius. They will thrive if they receive a reasonable amount of light, but not too much direct sunlight. You should also not allow them to get too hot. In nature, this plant only exposes its leaves and flowers to the light while the rest of the plant is hidden away under rocks and soil. If the plant gets too warm, it will force the cyclamen into premature dormancy. If you keep the plant at the right temperature, it will bloom again in mid-May.


Your cyclamen plant, just like any other plant, needs water on a regular basis. However, this does not mean that you should water it too often or too much. If you place the plant in a tub with about half an inch of water overnight once a week, this will suffice. This allows the compost to rehydrate and provide your plant with the water and nutrients it needs.

Dead heading

Remove any dying or dead leaves from your cyclamen plant as soon as you notice them. You can usually do so by simply tugging at the stem.

Finally, don’t forget to inspect your cyclamen plant on a regular basis to make sure that it is doing well. If you notice brown leaves or any other signs that the plant is not thriving, this will give you extra time to remedy the situation.

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