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If you are an experience cook or you have only just started experimenting in the kitchen, you should certainly have your own herb garden. Sure, you can buy dried herbs at your local supermarket but they do not taste nearly as delicious as the fresh varieties. The good news is that it’s easier than you think to grow your own herbs indoors. Here are some of the best options.


This plant is a must in every herb garden. It thrives in warm temperatures and you can pluck a few leaves off whenever you cook up your favourite tomato-based dish. From creamy pesto sauce to delicious cocktails, basil is extremely versatile.


This is one herb that is a must for just about all Italian and Mexican dishes. You don’t need a lot to make a big difference, especially when you use fresh oregano. Add to your favourite sauce and feel free to chop up some basil too. Oregano is particularly delicious on pizza so don’t forget to sprinkle some on to or even add it to your saucy base.


Coriander leaves and seeds are both fantastic for a variety of dishes. They can be used to garnish dishes or added to sauces. Many will agree that coriander leaves are essential for making the perfect salsa.


Another must in every herb garden, rosemary will certainly make your roast taste scrumptious. This herb can grow quite tall so, when you need to pick some, cut from the top. You will not harm the plant. In fact, trimming it in this way will encourage healthy growth.


This herb is particularly potent in aroma and flavour. It can be used along with other herbs like rosemary when preparing various dishes, soups and sauces. Simply pick a sprig from your herb garden and add it to the pot.


Rich in vitamin C, iron and more, parsley adds colour and flavour. You can use this herb in salads, soups, stews and even sandwiches. When harvesting parsley, make sure that you cut the stems around the outside. Cut them at the base and this will encourage further growth in the centre of the plant.


This herb has mane benefits and uses. While the herbs mentioned above enjoy full sun, mint will enjoy more moderate temperatures and not too much direct sunlight. You can add mint to your tea, certain desserts and you could even make mint jelly.

If you plant all of these herbs, you will have a rich and abundant herb garden that you can use each day. Even when you’re not cooking, these plants will add some lush greenery to the room. You will even notice their fresh smell fill the air which can also have a positive effect on your mood.

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