Birthday Flowers
What are the best birthday flowers to send?
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When choosing birthday flowers for a friend or loved one, you may not know which blooms are best. There are so many fresh flowers available at your florist that the choice alone can be overwhelming. Not to mention the fact that you will need to decide what to write in the message card and if you would like to include an extra gift.


These are spring flowers that are symbolic of a sincere compliment. If you want to let the recipient know how much you admire their beauty, these are the best birthday flowers you can send. One of the best parts of these blooms is the fact that they look fabulous all on their own. You don’t even need any foliage. Make sure that the florist supplies them in bud form so that the recipient can enjoy them for as long as possible.


Lilies are loved for their exotic beauty and amazing scent. They are available in various colours and they are the floral symbol of prosperity and happiness. These birthday flowers look particularly beautiful when paired with roses.


Birthdays are happy occasions and sunflowers are the sure to make anyone smile. These blooms are larger with tall stems. If possible, have your florist include a vase with these birthday flowers. This will save the recipient the effort of searching for a vase that will suit the length of these tall stems. Given their size, sunflowers do not need to be accompanied by any other blooms. Of course, if you have a mixed bouquet and you want to add a magnificent splash of colour, you can insert a single sunflower to make a statement.

Flower of the month

Each month of the year is associated with a particular flower. So, if you like, you can send your friend or loved one a bouquet that consists of or includes their birthday bloom! For the month of August, the birth flower is the gladiolus. September’s birth flower is the aster. If you are unsure, look around online for birthday flowers that are designed with a specific month in mind.

Don’t forget, when you order birthday flowers online, you should always take note of any special offers and optional extras such as luxury chocolates and champagne. Florists offer so much more than flowers these days. An online flower shop has everything you need to spoil that special person on this happy day.

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