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Essential new baby flowers etiquette
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If one of your friends or loved ones has a baby on the way, you might be wondering about proper etiquette regarding new baby flowers. Before you place your flower order, it’s important to keep these guidelines in mind.

When to send flowers

In just about every case, babies have a wonderful way of arriving unexpectedly. This is why you can’t really plan the delivery. What you can do is place and order for new baby flowers as soon as you hear the good news. You may even benefit from same day flowers or next day delivery. If you prefer, you can also wait for mum and baby to return home before you have the flowers delivered to their door.

Why send flowers

When you send new baby flowers to the hospital, it will brighten up the hospital room and make mum feel even happier. If you choose to send flowers once she returns home, this will improve her home environment which is especially beneficial in terms of boosting her mood.

The best types of flowers

When sending new baby flowers, you might want to choose a bouquet based on the gender of the baby. For girls, pink flowers are the most popular while blue bouquets are always a hit for boys. If you prefer, you could opt for something neutral such as a yellow bouquet or even a mixed arrangement. To keep things simple, all you need to do is look at the flowers available in the new baby bouquets section of your online florist.

Including a message

This is such an important part of sending new baby flowers and should never be ignored or neglected. It’s helpful if you know the name of the new baby since you can use this opportunity to welcome him or her into the world and you can congratulate the parents at the same time.

Welcoming a baby into this world is an experience unlike any other. It is something to be cherished and new baby flowers will certainly help you do just that. Make sure that you keep the new parents and their little one in mind when shopping. You could even have the florist include some luxury chocolates, vase or a bright balloon to make the floral gift even more special.

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