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Repel insects with flowers and plants
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During the winter, we don’t have much of an insect problem since most bugs are dormant. When the weather warms up, however, dozens of insects spring back to life. If you want to keep bugs at bay, you need to consider planting these flowers and plants in your garden.


These blooms have a lovely scent which is just one reason why they are one of the most popular of all flowers and plants for gardeners. They are also excellent for repelling flies, fleas, mosquitoes and moths. You can plant bushes near entrances in particular. As the plant blooms, you can pick some of the flowers to place in your cupboards to keep moths away.


These plants have a chemical substance that keeps them safe from various bugs. This effect extends to the plants nearby too. You should plant them in early spring so that they produce plenty of blooms in the summer season.


Of all the flowers and plants on this list, Marigolds are one of the easiest to grow. They will produce blooms that will turn to seed. Make sure that you harvest these seeds so that you can plant them the following spring. If it’s still quite cold outside, you can start growing them in containers indoors before moving them outside. These flowers repel gnats and mosquitoes. They are also excellent for protecting your tomatoes from various bugs.


Mums are fantastic for your garden and home. Like other flowers and plants, they are available in various colours. Plant a variety of colours to really brighten up your garden. Some of the bugs that these blooms repel include Japanese beetles, spider mites, ticks and bed bugs.

Other plants

Apart from the flowers and plants mentioned above, you can also plant a selection of herbs. Basil helps kill mosquito eggs. Mint repels a wide variety of insects. Lemongrass produces citronella which is a common ingredient in various mosquito repellents. Rosemary is also great for protecting your vegetable garden from many different bugs.

These are some of the best flowers and plants to include in your garden. Many of these plants do not need much space and you can plant more than one in order to achieve the desired effect. It’s also important to make sure that you select the right spot for each of these plants so that they are happy and will thrive.

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