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When choosing a bouquet of fresh flowers from your favourite florist, you are bound to come across some stunning types of lilies. Not all of which are the same and there are even those that are hybrids of two more distinct varieties. Here are a few of the most popular varieties today.

Asiatic lilies

These types of lilies are bred from a number of lily species. They have up to 6 flowers per stem and the petals are usually spotted. They don’t have a fragrance and their flowers are normally smaller than other varieties. If you grow these blooms in your garden, make sure that they are protected. Rabbits and deer love snacking on these flowering plants.

Oriental lilies

If you are looking for the most fragrant types of lilies, oriental varieties are for you! They have a strong, sweet scent that is particularly potent in the evening. They have broader leaves and they are not the choice food for deer or rabbits either. If you are planning on cutting some from your garden or ordering a bouquet from your florist, you should remove the pollen. They have very heavy pollen and it can stain furniture. These flowers are fairly large and they are available in various gorgeous colours too. You can expect these flowering plants to grow up to 5 feet tall.

Trumpet lilies

These types of lilies are also known as Aurelian liies. They have a wonderful trumpet shape and they are fragrant as well as long-lasting as cut flowers. They are available in various colours and they have a star-shaped interior which contrasts with the outer parts of the petals.

It’s worth mentioning that there are also a number of flowers that are not true lilies. One of the most popular of which is the calla lily. They have a rather curious shape and a lovely scent too. They can be quite easy to grow provided they are planted in the right location. Other options include hybrid types of lilies. Like other flowers, botanists have played a major role in developing different flowers into that which is most desirable. So, if you are looking for hardly plants with gorgeous blooms, consider some of the hybrid varieties.

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