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The strangest flowers nature has to offer
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When we think about fresh blooms, we imagine roses, lilies, carnations, and similar beauties. Nature is full of surprises, however, and there are also a few stranger ones out there. Here are some of the strangest flowers in the world.

Corpse flower

There are two main reasons why the corpse flower is so fascinating. Firstly, their size is impressive since they grow to over 3 feet in diameter. It is one of the largest and strangest flowers out there because it does not have a pleasant perfume. These blooms actually smell like rotting meat, hence the name corpse flower, and this attracts pollinators such as flies.

Night-blooming Cereus

This is one of the strangest flowers because it does not bloom like other plants. They bloom for one night only and it is something to behold. Their scent is out of this world and the plant grows at high elevations in deserts. Another impressive fact is that the roots of a single plant can weigh up to 15 pounds!

Pitcher plant

The appearance of this plant is what makes it unusual. It has a kind of cup-like structure that contains digestive liquid. This plant is carnivorous and it can digest prey as large as a small bird. As one of the strangest flowers in nature, you most likely will not find them in gardens and they will not make it into any vases.

Lady’s Slipper Orchid

Strange yet really beautiful, this type of orchid has been so named because of the shape of its flowers. It grows in Europe and North America. It almost became extinct in England. Fortunately it was saved through protective measures.

These are a few of the strangest flowers out there. While you might not see them in your garden or vase, they are fascinating to behold if you get the chance to view them up close. Many of these strange and protected plants are cultivated in protected areas so that they can still be enjoyed by visitors.

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