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Spring gardening advice ahead of summer
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Summer is just a few weeks away. Now that the weather is warming up nicely, it’s the perfect time to give your garden the makeover it needs. Here are some essential spring gardening tips that will help your plants thrive in the warmer months.


The first thing you want to do is give your rose bushes, hydrangeas and other plants with woody stems a trim. Make sure that you use a sharp pruning tool and be sure to wash it in between use on different plants. Cuts should be made just above dormant buds.

Soil nutrients

Many of your plants will be waking up and they will need all the nutrients they can get during this time. This is why nutrition is such an important part of spring gardening. A slow-release fertilizer is excellent for small shrubs because it helps feed them over a long period of time. Mature shrubs may not require fertilizer since they are already well rooted.

Till the soil

Tilling the soil of your annual and perennial flower beds is another essential step in spring gardening. As you toss and mix the soil, add some rich compost and make sure that it is properly blended with the soil. Tilling also aerates the soil which makes it easier for plants to grow.

Remove any weeds

Just like all those beautiful plants, weeds will also spring to life when the weather becomes warmer. Now is the time to take action – before they get out of control. Remove any weeds that have already taken root and use an appropriate herbicide to stop any seeds from germinating. A thick layer of mulch can also help prevent weeds from sprouting.

Prepare and maintain your tools

Good spring gardening depends largely on the quality of your tools. If you do not maintain them, they will not last as long and rust can quickly take hold. Inspect all of your tools and replace any tools that are no longer safe or suitable for use.

With all of these tips in mind, you can easily prepare your garden for the onset of summer. Think of it as an investment. If you put the work in today, it will more than pay off in the future. Not only this summer, but you will be laying the groundwork for years to come.

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