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All you need to know about Freesia flowers
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Freesia flowers are absolutely stunning and they can be added to a variety of different bouquets. Like other fresh flowers, they also have their own special meaning. These blooms are associated with unconditional love. They are an excellent gift for many occasions including anniversaries, Mother’s Day and anytime you want to let somebody know that you truly care.

Where they come from

Freesia flowers were discovered in South Africa and they were initially named ‘Cape lily of the valley’. Ecklon, a South African botanist, renamed the flower in 1830. During the Victorian era, the flowering plant made its way to England and, due to its beauty and amazing perfume, it was instantly popular. As cut flowers they were used in various mixed flower arrangements and they are known to be one of the longest-lasting cut flowers available.

Various colours

Freesia, like many other flowers, come in different colours. These colours include yellow, red, orange, white, pink, blue and purple. Some varieties are bicoloured or even multicoloured which makes them that much more spectacular. No matter the occasion or design you wish to create, you can surely find some freesias to help it all come together.

Floral combinations

When creating your own freesia flower arrangement, you want to make sure that you pair them with the right flowers. Some of the most popular pairings include roses, gerbera daisies, carnations and thlaspi to name a few. If you want your freesias to really stand out, remember to create colourful contrasts. In other words, the colour of your freesias should be different from those of the other blooms and the various colours should complement one another. Consider bright yellow freesias paired with purple roses, for example.

Like other cut flowers, you will need to offer freesia blooms some care as soon as they are delivered; and every few days in order to ensure that they stay fresh. Upon arrival, the stems should be cut and the flowers should be placed in water. Once arranged in a vase, you should display these blooms in a safe spot; away from direct sunlight, heaters, windy areas and so on. Check and change the water as needed. Trim the stems if you notice a slimy texture. You can also remove any dead or dying plant material from the bouquet to prevent it from damaging the healthy flowers.

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