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Feng Shui flowers for your home
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More and more people are learning about Feng Shui and how various elements of our lives and décor can affect us in the most profound ways. For instance, the right flowers in your home can have a dramatic effect on your mood as well as the way you interact with your family. Here are some ideas for Feng Shui flowers that you will love.


The peony is one of the most popular of all Feng Shui flowers. It has an abundant appearance and a superb scent. It is perfect for creating a more romantic environment in your home – especially when you choose pink peonies.


Mums are absolutely gorgeous which is why it should come as no surprise that they are one of the most popular Feng Shui flowers. As the symbol of life and balance, they also have a strong yang energy which is known for attracting good luck.


This flower is unique in its appearance and simply perfect. As Feng Shui flowers, they are seen as a cure for various household issues. So, if you want to maintain a peaceful and harmonious home, you should consider displaying these blooms in communal areas like your living room so that everyone can enjoy their soothing and calming effect.


Luxurious and simply spectacular, it’s no wonder these blooms are seen as Feng Shui flowers. They are the symbol of fertility and they have a marvelous symmetry about them. Not only are the flowers stunning, but the broad leaves and tall stems of this plant make it unique. These plants are believed to represent abundance and the quest for perfection.


Another popular bloom in many homes, so many people don’t yet know that they are also associated with the bestowing of talents, abilities and help boost your career. It is also worth noting that, when it comes to Feng Shui flowers, they usually opt for white narcissus rather than the yellow variety.

Cherry Blossoms

There is nothing like the beauty of cherry blossoms and they really are the symbol of new beginnings. These Feng Shui flowers are perfect for encouraging good health and they are often displayed in homes to encourage a healthy and loving marriage.

These are the top Feng Shui flowers that you should consider including in your home décor. Remember, you can opt for fresh flowers or other art forms such as paintings or sculpted art if you prefer. Remember that placement is also essential.

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