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While we tend to lead individual lives, we also depend on others more than most of us may realise. You might not depend on others on a regular basis but, when you need help, your friends, family and neighbours are usually the ones who come to your aid. Thank you flowers make excellent gifts for loved ones who stand by you and help you through difficult times. They are also excellent gifts for people you don’t know personally like doctors, nurses and other medical staff. If you are not sure what type of blooms to choose, here are some of the top options.


Of all the flowers that you will find at your favourite florist, the rose is easily the most recognisable. It needs no introduction and we all know that these blooms are available in just about every colour known to man. When sending thank you flowers in the form of a rose bouquet, remember to choose the appropriate colour. Each colour sends a different message so, if you want to play it safe, opt for a mixed rose bouquet.

Gerbera daisies

Bright, beautiful and available in various colours, gerbera daisies make excellent thank you flowers. You can choose a single colour if you like but many people prefer mixed bouquets because they are that much more visually appealing. These blooms are impressive to look at and they are known to last longer than many other types of blooms.


Large in size, the pastel colours of these flowers certainly soften their look. While they may look like single large blooms, hydrangeas actually consist of dozens of smaller flowers all clustered together at the end of each stem. They can be enjoyed as potted plants, in your garden and cut flowers. When sending a bouquet that includes hydrangeas, you can be certain that it will make the recipient feel appreciated.


Large, bright and unlike any other bloom, sunflowers are in a league of their own. The way that their warm-coloured petals contrast with the dark centre make them even more amazing to behold. These blooms look perfect all on their own and you don’t even need to add foliage to a sunflower bouquet. Send these thank you flowers and you will surely brighten their day.


These thank you flowers are the very picture of elegance. There are various types of orchids available as well as several colours. When sending orchids, you will need to choose between cut flowers and a potted plant. Many people send plants because this is the kind of gift that will keep on giving.

There you have several fantastic ideas for thank you flowers that you can send to your friends, loved ones, teachers, healthcare professionals or anyone you would like to spoil with a thoughtful gift. Don’t forget to include a special message of thanks in the card attached!

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