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Classic blue spring flowers
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The pantone colour for 2020 is classic blue. In general, blue is a soothing and calming colour. It is also known that not too many flowers are available in this colour. So, how can you choose the perfect spring flowers to suit this colour theme? Firstly, it’s good to remember that your spring blooms do not necessarily need to be limited to flowers that bloom in spring. Flowers can be imported or specially cultivated to bloom when they are technically not in season. Here are some examples of blue flowers you can enjoy in your home.


Hydrangeas are not technically spring flowers but you might be lucky enough to find them at your favourite florist if they can be imported. These flowers are available in different colours depending on the pH of the soil in which they grow. One of their most beautiful colours is a rich shade of blue. The large size of these flower clusters also makes them excellent to display all on their own. You also won’t need too many stems to make an impressive bouquet.


Also not necessarily spring flowers but you can always ask your florist if they are able to order them for you. Delphiniums are available in the most amazing shade of blue and they are incredibly impressive to look at. They can be displayed on their own or paired with other flowers.


Now these bulbs are known to grow in spring and they produce the most amazing-smelling spring flowers. Their scent will fill your home even if you have a single stem! These flowers can be enjoyed as cut stems or as potted plants. Once the plant perishes, do not discard it since it will bloom again the following year.


These are smaller flowers which makes them perfect filler spring flowers in larger bouquets. They usually bloom later in the year but, again, your florist might be able to import and include them in a mixed bouquet.


These blooms gave a unique beauty about them. They are the symbol of wisdom and faith as well as hope. It usually blooms early in the summer months but you might be lucky enough to get your hands on some during the spring season too.

It’s also worth noting that there are some blue spring flowers that are not technically blue. These flowers, like certain orchids, can be dyed blue by using special chemical solutions. It’s worth noting that the flowers that grow after the blue flowers fade will bloom in their original colour.

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