Mother's Day Flowers
Honouring mum’s memory on Mother’s Day
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When your mother is still alive, shopping for Mother’s Day gifts is a happy experience. However, once mum passes away, you might not feel the same way. In fact, this day might very well cause a great deal of pain. The good news is that there are many ways of honouring mum’s memory. Here are some ideas.

Flowers for her grave

Flowers are used for just about every occasion – including happy and sad events. Flowers are used to celebrate marriage and pay respects when somebody passes away. A lovely way of honouring mum’s memory is by ordering a beautiful bouquet of flowers and taking it to her grave. If mum was cremated and her ashes were scattered, you can place the bouquet in this area or you can scatter petals.

A memorial at home

You can also create your own little memorial at home for honouring mum’s memory. Order a small bouquet of flowers, light a candle and place them nearby a photograph of dear mum. Remember, when lighting a candle, you should never leave it unattended. Especially if you have flowers nearby.

Plan a family event

If you would rather share this occasion with your loved ones, you can plan a family breakfast, lunch or dinner. Depending on where you plan on hosting the event, you can set up a small memorial with a photograph of mum and some flowers. You might like to play her favourite music as your background music while enjoying your meal and reminisce about all the best memories.

Honouring mum’s memory on Mother’s Day is not about making this occasion sad but rather celebrating her life. Take time out of your busy schedule and set aside a few moments on this day to remember all she did for you and say thanks even if she is not there to hear these words this time around.

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