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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and many people are already shopping around and gathering ideas for gifts. Fresh flowers are the number one gift for this occasion as well as chocolates and balloons. While most mothers will celebrate in the comfort of their homes or they will enjoy the day out, others find themselves in hospital on this special day. For new mothers who have just welcomed their babies into the world and mothers who require medical care, you can help brighten up their otherwise dull room with some gorgeous blooms. Here are tips to remember when sending a hospital flower arrangement.

Check with the hospital

Before you send flowers to the hospital, it is important to make sure that the hospital flower delivery will be accepted. If you send a bouquet and the ward does not allow any gifts due to risk of infection or contamination, it’s likely that the bouquet will not be accepted. You will still be required to pay for the flowers but they will not be delivered so, simply put, it’s a waste of money. Instead, you can wait until mum is in a different ward or returns home before you send a bouquet.

Supply the correct address

Hospitals are big and confusing places. Make sure that you supply the florist with the correct address for any hospital flower delivery. If you provide inaccurate information, the flowers might not reach the recipient. Even if you think you have the latest details, you should be sure to check with the hospital one last time to make sure that the ward and room number are still the same before placing your flower order. You can also let the staff know to expect a flower delivery but keep in mind that there are regular shift changes and the person you spoke to might not be working when the flowers arrive.

Choose the right flowers

Different flowers have different amounts of pollen and some flowers have heavier pollen than others. When you send a hospital flower delivery, you want to make sure that you send blooms that will not upset anyone’s allergies. Flowers like roses have minimal pollen and their pollen is also heavy so it will fall rather than float. Some lilies can have their pollen removed before the bouquet is delivered. If you require this service, ask your florist before placing your order.

Silk blooms

It’s also worth considering sending silk flowers if you are especially concerned about your hospital flower gift causing any issues with allergies. That said, just like fresh flowers, you should make sure that the recipient may receive such a delivery. In some wards, no gifts are permitted due to the fact that they are attempting to maintain a highly sterile environment.

With these hospital flower delivery tips in mind, you can do your Mother’s Day gift shopping in confidence. As long as you have discussed the matter with the hospital and all of your information is up to date, there will be no problem having the blooms delivered directly to mum.

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