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Why send plants for Mother’s Day
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When shopping for a gift for mum, fresh flowers are often the top choice. While cut flowers are an excellent gift for any occasion, it’s a good idea to also consider sending plants for Mother’s Day. Here are some reasons why a plant will make her smile.

Longer lasting blooms

The first and possibly the most obvious reason is because plants last longer than cut flowers. They will produce more blooms and, even when they are not in bloom, they will still look lovely. When you send plants for Mother’s Day, you are sending a gift that she will enjoy for years to come.

Plants have health benefits

Many plants offer different health benefits and they help purify the air while adding some much needed moisture. Slightly humid air is great for our respiratory systems and some plants even remove certain contaminants from the air. Remember, different plants have different purification properties. So, if you know that mum has specific concerns, you can look for a plant that helps eliminate this impurity from the air. No matter what type of plant you choose, you can also be sure that it will give her home an oxygen boost which is also a great advantage. This is reason enough to send plants for Mother’s Day.

Various choices available

Just like fresh flower arrangements, there are many different types of plants for Mother’s Day. Some of the most popular choices include roses, lilies and orchids. If you know that mum likes plants but she has minimal space or she does not have much of a green thumb, you could always opt for a succulent. These plants are very easy to grow and they are tolerant of varying conditions.

Plants for her garden

Finally, another reason why we can send plants for Mother’s Day is because the weather is warming up and planting season is around the corner. If you send her a pretty potted plant, she can replant it in the garden as soon as the weather conditions are suitable. This will allow the plant to grow at its own pace and mum will enjoy it for many years.

When you send plants for Mother’s Day, remember that you can also include something extra with your order such as luxury chocolates, a balloon or even a bottle of bubbly. Look for combo gifts that can help you save money and impress mum all in one.

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