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Celebrate her first Mother’s Day
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Growing up, we all see Mother’s Day as the opportunity to spoil our own mothers on this special day. However, there is nothing more special than your very first Mother’s Day as a mum. Spoil your spouse or partner this year by treating them to the perfect gifts.

Fresh flowers

Since you are celebrating with your spouse or partner, you don’t have to worry about accidentally sending a romantic message. In fact, she may very well appreciate some romance in the form of beautiful blooms. So, for her first Mother’s Day, you could go with something traditional like a pink bouquet or you could add some red to the mix for a touch of romance. Either way, make sure that the flowers you choose are of the best quality and have them delivered the day before so that you can hide them and present them to her on Mother’s Day morning.

A special message

If she is the sentimental kind, you can be sure that she will hang on to your card for many years to come. Make sure that you include your child’s name in the card too. Even though your little one might not be aware of this special day, they are the reason behind the celebration after all. If you like, you can have some personalised jewellery made and have your child’s name engraved or picture etched on the jewellery. Just make sure that you choose something that allows space for more names and pictures since you might like to add them at a later stage.

Sweet treats

Mum deserves something sweet for her first Mother’s Day. Chocolate has a wonderful effect on our mental state which is great news for new mothers. Being a new mother is not only physically exhausting but mentally and emotionally draining too. Give her the boost she needs with some high-quality luxury chocolates that melt in her mouth.

Give her the day off

Since she works so hard to keep everyone happy while keeping the house in order, mum sure does deserve a break. It might be her first Mother’s Day but she has many years ahead and it’s important to let her know that her efforts do not go unnoticed. So, you need to prevent her from lifting a finger and encourage her to make the most of her day off. You will need to take care of any chores and try to take care of the little one as much as possible so that she can have a nap, a soak in the tub or simply relax.

Take pictures

Take some pictures on this special day so that you never forget her first Mother’s Day. Even if you don’t go out anywhere and you spend the day at home, you can still create magnificent memories. These photos can be added to an album, scrapbook or even framed to display in your home.

The most important thing of all is to simply enjoy your time together. Her first Mother’s Day does not need to set you back a small fortune. It’s the simple things that matter most and she will never forget the little gifts like a relaxing foot rub or simply being able to sleep in.

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