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Planting different types of bulbs
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While many people associate bulbs with spring bloomers, this is not always the case. Yes, there are some that bloom in the spring but there are also varieties that bloom in the summer and even in autumn. Here are some tips to remember when planting for various seasons.

Spring bloomers

For bulbs that bloom in spring, you need to ensure that they have time to chill. In other words, they need to be planted during the later part of autumn and this will give them time to transition through their dormant phase before blooming in spring. These plants provide us with the perfect spring surprise when the weather starts to warm up.

Summer bloomers

Examples of summer-blooming bulbs include calla lilies, gladioli, dahlias and certain begonias. They love the warmth of summer and they can be planted in the earlier part of the spring season. Once the soil has thawed out enough for you to dig, it’s time to plant. Many people plant these flowers around the same time as they do tomatoes. If you like, you can plant earlier but you will need to keep them indoors to prevent frost damage. Once temperatures have warmed up enough, you can transfer them to your garden.

Autumn bloomers

While summer and spring tend to be associated with most blooms, there are those that show off their beauty in the autumn months. Some examples include the autumn crocus, winter daffodil and Geurnsey lily. They might not be as easy to find as the more popular flowering bulbs but they can have just the effect you desire when most plants are preparing to enter their dormant phase.

No matter what type of bulb you choose to plant in your garden, remember that the right fertilizer will help your bulbs grow faster and produce even more impressive blooms. Remember to always use fertilizer as per the instructions and only use fertilizer formulated for your specific plant varieties.

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