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If you are still trying to figure out what to send this year for the holidays, you can’t go wrong when you choose the best flowers for Christmas. Here are some of the top floral gift options to brighten their home this holiday season.


These are one of the best flowers for Christmas even though they are not actually flowers at all. These festive plants make excellent gifts for the holiday. They produce bright red (or in some cases white) leaves that look amazing against the lush green foliage. They are great gifts because they require minimal commitment on the part of the recipient. They generally last throughout the holidays and until the spring season arrives. So, you don’t have to worry about making them feel obligated to take care of the plant for years.


Another one of the best flowers for Christmas, amaryllis flowers are loved for their colour and unique shape. The delicate scent of these blooms is also favoured around this time of year. The lucky recipient can use them as a centrepiece or to decorate an otherwise neglected corner in any room of their home.

White and red roses

Red, white and green are all popular colours and the best flowers for Christmas come in these colours. Roses are the most popular flower of all which makes them the perfect gift for any recipient. If you are concerned about unintentionally sending a romantic message, you should definitely include both red and white roses. Red roses are associated with romance but you can offset this theme by including white, green and even gold accents.


Oriental and Asiatic lilies are excellent for this time of year. They are perfect for sending a message of peace and many people associate white lilies with the Virgin Mary. They have a timeless beauty about them and many of them have a superb sweet scent.


If you are not sure about the ideal type of arrangement to send, you can never go wrong with a fresh wreath. Some of the best flowers for Christmas are found on festive wreaths. Like most other festive arrangements, the most popular colours include red, white and plenty of green.

Remember, you can send flowers for Christmas directly to the recipient by placing your flower order online. This is convenient for those who have loved ones far away or are simply not able to present a gift in person.

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