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Why we hang wreaths
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When we think about wreaths, the are two main thoughts that come to mind – funerals and the festive season. While a wreath can be used to decorate your home during any time of the year, they always seem to be more popular during the winter. This is because they are associated with the following beliefs:

His sacrifice

Christians often associate wreaths with the sacrifice made by Jesus. These wreath designs will include two main materials – evergreen foliage and red berries. The foliage represents the everlasting life of Jesus while the red berries symbolise the blood of Christ. Many Christians hang such wreaths on their windows or front door as a way of inviting Jesus into their homes.

Celebrating victory

In Ancient Rome, wreaths were hung on doors after a battle or war was won. Similarly, Christians also celebrate a victory over Christmas because nothing could stop baby Jesus from being born. He was also victorious over death and this certainly gives everyone a reason to celebrate.

Endless circle

The shape of wreaths also has a significant meaning. For some, it represents the circle of life and, for others, it represents eternal life and the never-ending love of God. The evergreen foliage adds to the everlasting theme.

Send wreaths as gifts

Not only can you display a wreath in your own home, but you can also send them as gifts for the holidays. They make lovely festive gifts and they are both thoughtful and practical. You can display wreaths in many different parts of your home. While they are most often hung on doors and in windows, you can also place a wreath on your table as part of your centrepiece. Other popular places to display a wreath include: above fireplaces, on mirrors, inside picture frames or even along the inside of a bookshelf.

Now that you know why we hang wreaths, it’s time to consider where you can hang your own in your home! You might even want to send a wreath or two to your loved ones this year and they can easily be ordered online. Just check out the wreath section or look for Christmas flowers to find the perfect festive floral gift.

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