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The best houseplants with red flowers
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Red flowers are particularly popular this time of year. However, cut flowers are not your only option. You can also choose houseplants with red flowers if you want blooms that last longer. Here are some of the greatest plants with red blooms for your home.


These bulbs are specifically grown for indoor décor. They are easy to care for and they add a lot of colour to the room. Each year it will produce even more gorgeous red flowers and the stems become stronger. They don’t normally bloom on their own during the winter but they can brighten your home if you help them along. During the summer, you should keep this plant outside if possible.


If you have a home that does not receive much direct sunlight or if you find it difficult to take care of plants, you will love bromeliads. They do not require much care and they attract water from the air so you don’t have to worry about them dehydrating. When this plant thrives, it produces small new plants around the original bromeliad. These are called pups. If you want a plant with striking red flowers, these are certainly a plant worth considering.


Their glossy take these red flowers to a whole new level. Actually, the flowers are unusual because they are spathes rather than typical flowers. Spathes are modified leaves and This potted plant is excellent for bringing a dull corner to life. They love bright light and high humidity and, if you ensure that they have the ideal conditions, they will produce plenty of blooms.


These succulents are popular houseplants and they make excellent gifts too. They do not require much care but they do require a good amount of sun and heat. They produce different coloured flowers and, one option is red. These plants do well with long periods of darkness if you want them to set more buds.


This is certainly the seasonal favourite when it comes to festive plants. While they do not technically produce red flowers, the coloured leaves really do look like gorgeous blooms at the end of their stems. Your poinsettia may bloom all the way until the beginning of the spring season. In some cases, with extra special care, they can bloom the following year too.

These are some excellent potted plants with red flowers that everyone should consider this holiday season. They are excellent for decorating all parts of your home and many of them work well as centrepieces too.

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