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30th anniversary flowers your spouse will love
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If you are celebrating thirty years of marriage, this is an occasion that you simply have to celebrate with your spouse. Many people even choose to have a dinner or party so that they can share this special occasion with the rest of the family and their closest friends. Not only is it important to send the perfect anniversary flowers but, if you are hosting the party, you need flawless décor too! Here are some floral and gift tips for this wonderful occasion.

Anniversary flowers to celebrate 30 years

The flower of choice for this anniversary is the lily. Lilies are associated with magnificence and they are known for their amazing sweet smell and exotic appearance. They are also the symbol of devotion, beauty and pride which are three more reasons why they are the perfect anniversary flowers for this year. If you are concerned about sticking to a budget for their anniversary party, remember that you only need a few lilies to make a statement. In other words, each centrepiece can include three or five lilies. If your tables are particularly small, then you may even need a single lily for each centrepiece. Surround your focal flowers with mass flowers and filler material that will ensure your lilies always stand out.

Going modern or traditional

While anniversary flowers are generally quite standard in terms of a single type of flower for each year of marriage, gifts are not. There are traditional gifts and modern gifts. This year, the traditional gift is one with pearls and the modern gift is diamonds. In this case, some might say, that it is their budget that will most determine which gift they will choose. Of course, if you do want to go with the modern gift but you don’t have a lot of money to spend, you can choose something simple like a necklace with a modest diamond pendant or a pair of diamond earrings. They do not have to look like the crown jewels! Jewellery that is subtle in its beauty is far more practical since your spouse will be more likely to wear it. For him, a pair of cufflinks or a tie pin with a diamond included in the design could be just what he needs to feel extra special.

The colour for this year

Now that you have your anniversary flowers and gifts cleared up, it’s time to consider the colour associated with this year. The colour for the 30th anniversary is green. This is great news since you do not have to worry about a thing if you have chosen a beautiful lily bouquet. The lilies will take care of the floral gift while the foliage covers the green element. Of course, there are plenty of handy items available in green such as blankets, items of clothing and all sorts of things that your spouse may need. So, if you are a practical gift-giver, keep the colour in mind for that sentimental touch.

No matter the gift or anniversary flowers you choose, remember that your words are worth more than any gift. So, take some time to come up with a meaningful message to mark this occasion. Consider all of the years gone by – all the ups and downs – and write something from the heart.

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