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Things you may not know about carnations
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Of all the flowers that you will find at your local florists, carnations are one of the easiest to recognise. They are known as the birthday flower for the month of January and their scientific name is Dianthus which means Flower of God. This flower is known and loved for its amazing ruffled texture and they were often used as decorations during ancient Roman and Greek times.

Carnations and their symbolism

While the meaning of the scientific name for this flower is quite clear, the name carnation is not quite as clearly defined. While some experts say that the name comes from the word ‘corone’ which means flower garlands, others say that the name comes from the word ‘carnis’, meaning flesh. This second variant is due tot he pink colour of some of these blooms. While we may never know the exact reason behind the name of this flower, we can all agree that it is a unique beauty!

Colours available

Initially, carnations were pale pink or peach in colour. Over time, this changed and today we have a wide selection of colours including purple, red, yellow, white and even green. They make excellent mass flowers but can also be used as focal flowers if they are paired with smaller blooms or simply displayed all on their own. Some of the best flowers to pair with carnations include lilies, roses, alstroemeria and gypsophila.

Continued popularity

There are several reasons why carnations are still popular after so many years. Firstly, you can find just about any colour you like. Secondly, these blooms are generally very accessible which means that they are also one of the most affordable flowers. When ordering a single bouquet, price might not be too much of a concern. However, when decorating occasions like weddings or birthdays, you will need more than one bouquet and this is when carnations are usually at the top of everyone’s list. Carnations are also a popular choice for Mother’s Day since pink carnations are worn to honour mothers who are still alive and white ones are worn for mothers who have passed away.

More interesting facts

  • Carnations are edible flowers
  • These flowers can be dyed to just about any colour
  • They are one of the longest-lasting cut flowers
  • They offer medicinal benefits including relieving stress, inflammation, fever and pain
  • They are available in large-flowered, spray and dwarf varieties.

Remember, each colour carnation has its own unique meaning. So, when you want to send a message with flowers, make sure that you read up about the colours you are sending before you order your bouquet.

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