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Choosing the perfect retirement flowers
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Do you know somebody who is planning on retiring soon? Are you struggling to figure out what gift to buy to celebrate the time that you have enjoyed working together? Well, the good news is that there is always one gift that will be appreciated – retirement flowers! With so many beautiful blooms out there, you’re not alone in thinking that making a decision will be a tall task. So, to make it even easier, here are some suggestions.

Bright and joyful

While it can be incredibly sad to say goodbye to a valued co-worker, it is a part of life and it’s also a great opportunity to celebrate the time you worked side by side. Bright blooms like lilies and roses in cheerful colours like orange and yellow are perfect. These retirement flowers let the recipient know just how much they brightened your days.


For the recipient with discerning tastes and somebody known for their elegance, pastel-coloured bouquets make excellent retirement flowers. Consider using ample white flowers such as lilies and roses. Add light colours like blue freesia and a touch of delphinium for a darker contrast.

Something simple

Some might say that flowers are not the best gift for men but this is not the case. If you are shopping for a retirement gift for him, you can order a plain white bouquet that consists of various white flowers. This bouquet will not come across as too feminine and it will not send a romantic message either.


Colours can be divided into two main groups – warm and cool. Warm colours send a heartfelt message of caring and affection. While red flowers are romantic, they don’t send a passionate message if they are paired with other colours. Consider pink flowers paired with white blooms for a really special bouquet of retirement flowers.

Something to add

When you place your flower order, remember that your florist usually has several optional extras to offer. These include luxury chocolates, wine, balloons and more! All you need to do is add any extras you like to your order and they will be delivered along with the bouquet.

You can have the retirement flowers delivered directly to the recipient or, if you prefer, you can receive them and present them in person. There is no right or wrong way of doing this. All you need to do is choose a gift that is from the heart and don’t forget to include a meaningful message in the card that comes with your bouquet.

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