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Celebrating your 13th wedding anniversary
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For some, the number 13 is considered lucky while, for others, it might be a dreaded two-digit figure. No matter what your opinion is on this number, if you are celebrating 13 years of marriage, there should be no room for bad luck or bad vibes! Finding the perfect gift for your 13th wedding anniversary does not need to be a chore. Here are some ideas for flowers and gifts that your spouse will love.

13th wedding anniversary flowers

The flower that is associated with this year of marriage is the chrysanthemum. This is great news for those who struggle to shop for flowers because it is somewhat of a staple for many florists around the world. They come in a wide variety of colours and sizes too. Sometimes mums are used as one of the main flowers in the bouquet and sometimes they are used as mass flowers. Either way, when you send mums for your 13th anniversary, you are sending a message of abundance and loveliness which is just what your spouse wants to hear! It is also associated with fidelity which is why it is so perfect for this marriage milestone.

Traditional and modern anniversary gifts

The traditional gift for your 13th wedding anniversary is lace. A lace gift can be anything from something your spouse will enjoy wearing to something they can use to decorate the home. There are plenty of lace accessories available and a quick search online will reveal plenty of great results. If you want a more modern gift, you could choose fur (even faux fur) or other textiles. Perhaps now is the time to take your spouse on a little shopping spree?

Choose a colour

If you are still not sure about the best gift for this occasion, remember that the 13th anniversary is associated with two colours: white and citrine. With these colours in mind, you can shop for just about any gift you know your spouse will like! As long as it includes one or both of these colours, you’re all good!

Now don’t delay and don’t leave your gift shopping to the last minute! Get browsing now and line up all the ideas you can to make your spouse feel pampered on your 13th wedding anniversary.

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