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Make your own plant food
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Your plants do not survive on water and sunlight alone. They also need a variety of nutrients in order to grow and thrive. Different plants have different needs which is why so many people choose to fertilise the soil. Sometimes this is not enough or sometimes you may want a cheaper option when it comes to plant food. Here are some recipes and tips.

Basic plant food recipe


1 tsp baking soda

1 Tbsp epsom salts

½ tsp ammonia

1 gallon water

Add all of the ingredients together in a container and allow it to sit for about half an hour. This will allow the solid ingredients to dissolve. Add this solution to the soil once a month. Take note of how your plants respond to the food and adjust your watering routine accordingly.

Various deficiencies

Plants will let you know how they are feeling simply through the colour and appearance of their leaves. While some might believe that brown or yellow leaves are due to a lack of water, this is not always the case. Below, you will find a number of common deficiencies and plant food that will help resolve these problems.

Nitrogen deficiency

  • The leaves may turn pale green or yellow.
  • Add coffee grounds to the soil.

Phosphorous deficiency

  • You will notice dark edges on the leaves.
  • Add bone meal to the soil. If you have fresh water fish, you can add tank water to the soil when cleaning it.

Potassium deficiency

  • Brown spots, yellow edges or yellow veins can occur.
  • Bury some banana peels in the soil. They should be buried about one inch deep.

Magnesium deficiency

  • Look for yellow edges of the leaves and veins.
  • Add epsom salts to the soil just before watering.

Calcium deficiency

  • Yellow spots appear between the veins.
  • Add crushed egg shells to the soil.

These are easy solutions with basic household items. Plant food is so easy to make and you don’t need to buy fertilizer if you keep your plants happy with these great tips.

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