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Reviving your plants after excessive heat
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The summer heat can take its toll on us as well as our plants and flowers. If you find that some of your plants have started to suffer, here are some tips that you can take when reviving your plants after suffering the effects of excessive heat.

Take action

If you have a potted plant in your home that has been exposed to excessive heat or too much direct sunlight, the first thing you need to do is remove the plant from this location. Reducing the amount of sun exposure will dramatically improve the conditions for the plant and this will make it even easier to help it recover.

Proper watering

Whether your plant is indoors or outdoors, you always need to follow a proper watering schedule. If you need to revive your plants after excessive heat exposure, water will be one of their primary needs. Take note of the soil and, if it is dry, you should give them a good ‘drink’ right away. The soil can get very hard and this can be devastating for the roots. You can also place a drip tray under the pot to ensure that your plant never runs out of water again.

Trimming time

Inspect your plant for scorched foliage. You cannot revive parts of the plants that have already died. So you need to trim those parts that have been severely affected. Once you do, you will give your plant a far better chance of successfully reviving your plants. Removing these parts of the plant ensures that nutrients and food goes only to the healthy parts of the plant and encourages healthy growth.


Now you need to prevent fast water loss and keep your outdoor plants protected from rapid evaporation. Mulch is perfect for this because it prevents the soil from losing water too fast by protecting it from the direct rays of the sun. Place mulch on the soil around your plants.

Remember, if you place your plants in the right spot, you will give them the best chance of thriving. You will also avoid the need for reviving your plants after excessive heat. Some plants love full sun while others prefer shade. Make sure that you understand the needs of your plant before choosing its home.

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