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When somebody you care about is starting college, a new job or moved into a new home, it’s a good idea to send lucky flowers to wish them well. If you are not sure what type of flowers to send, here are some great ideas.


These beautiful blooms are the symbol of happiness, balance and harmony. They are also known to represent thoughtfulness. When placed in the front of your home, it is a lovely way of wishing visitors well as they enter. If you plan on planting them outside, make sure that you give this plant plenty of room to grow.


These lucky flowers are the representation of honour and riches. They are also associated with femininity and innocence. Red peonies in particular are the symbol of good luck and good fortune. They are often used as décor when welcoming the new year.


This flower is commonly associated with opulence and wealth. Their rich scent and bold colour makes them particularly appealing. In Chinese culture, these flowers are the symbol of good fortune and this makes them the perfect lucky flowers.


Elegant and the floral image of luxury, beauty, wealth and luck, orchids are popular as cut flowers and potted plants. They are also known to represent abundance. Available in various colours, orchids do not require much care. They only need the right watering routine and the correct type of sunlight to thrive. These plants make excellent new home gifts.

Lucky bamboo

You cannot think of lucky flowers without lucky bamboo instantly coming to mind. This plant is the symbol of strength, good health and happiness. Another excellent housewarming gift for friends and family. This beautiful plant is also very easy to care for.

The next time you want to wish somebody good luck, consider lucky flowers and plants to brighten their home or office. Include a special message to wish them well and let them know who the fabulous gift is from.

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