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Why four leaf clovers are lucky
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When we think about lucky flowers and other items commonly associated with luck, four leaf clovers will most likely come to mind. Of course, while so many of us associate them with luck, most people don’t know why four leaf clovers are lucky.

A more common variety

Three leaf clovers are a more common variety of the lucky version. The three leaves are associated with the holy trinity. In other circles, the three leaves represent faith, love and hope. When you look through a field of clovers, you will find that just about every one has three leaves. The four leaf variety is very rare. This is one of the reasons why they are thought of as lucky.

That extra leaf

Whether you believe that the three leaves represent the holy trinity or faith, love and hope, the fourth is said to represent luck or good fortune. Since they are so difficult to find, four leaf clovers are considered to be an extremely lucky find.

Let the fun begin

Different occasions are associated with different flowers and the clover is no exception. The popular St. Patrick’s Day celebration is associated with the colour green and many people decorate their homes and businesses with clovers. People even wear clovers on this day as part of the celebrations. Ireland is known for its lush green landscapes which is why it should come as no surprise that gorgeous green clovers are one of the main symbols of the day.

Inspired bouquets with four leaf clovers

Even if you cannot get your hands on a four leaf clover to wish a loved one good luck, there are plenty of other amazing good luck flowers. Green bouquets that include flowers like carnations, roses and other popular blooms are all excellent for wishing somebody special good luck.

Now that you know why four leaf clovers are lucky, you can use them to celebrate different occasions and wish your friends and loved ones luck. When you send flowers for luck, you can include plenty of green elements as well as some four leaf clover decorations. Flower picks, a decorated vase and vase fillers are all great ideas if you want to add some clovers to your bouquet.

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