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Where to display fresh flowers at home
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Whether you order a bouquet for yourself or you receive a floral gift, it’s great to know how to make the most of every bloom. The location you choose for your cut flower bouquet will directly determine just how much of an effect that it will have on the room décor. Here are some ideas of where you can display your fresh flowers.

Kitchen island

While your kitchen worktops might already be covered with various essential items like condiments and cooking essentials, your kitchen island is the perfect spot for some colour and decoration. For a country-style kitchen, the best flowers to use are those with bright colours. Some of the top choices include sunflowers, germinis and even roses. If your kitchen is decorated with pastels or very light colours, you can enjoy a beautiful pastel-coloured bouquet. Another option, for modern kitchens, is a bouquet of bold colours. Strong reds, dark purples paired with bright yellow and similar striking combinations will stand out in your modern kitchen.

Home office

If you work from home, you will know just how challenging it can be to maintain your focus and separate your work life from your personal life. If you have a home office, you should definitely take the time to make it as comfortable as possible. Fresh flowers are a great way of doing this. By adding flowers to your office, you will improve your working environment and make it that much more pleasant. When you treat yourself to flowers for your office, you will relieve stress and it will also help you become that much more productive.

Entertainment centre

Your entertainment centre is usually the one part of your home where technology is in abundance. This does not mean that you have to forget about nature. Even if you don’t want to add fresh flowers to your décor, you can always add a potted plant. Just make sure that you choose a plant that suits the environment. So, if there is not much sunlight, make sure that your plant enjoys shade.

These are some of the alternative areas of your home that can benefit from fresh flowers and potted plants. Other than these spaces, you can brighten up your bathroom, living room, bedroom and every other room with some natural colour.

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