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Make the most of your peonies
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Peonies are beautiful blooms that are known for their abundant size and lovely ruffled appearance. Available in several colours, these flowers can be used in many different ways. If you have peonies growing in your garden, you can enjoy them in so many ways.

Brighten up your garden

Leaving at least some of your peonies on the plant will bring life and colour to your garden. Not only will you get to enjoy the beauty of these blooms in your garden, but you will also attract plenty of life. When you attract insects to your garden, you also attract birds. Beautiful flowers like peonies will help turn your garden into the main attraction in your area.

Decorate your home with peonies

While you might want to leave some flowers on the plant, you can pick some and use them to decorate your home. Trim the stems carefully from the plant and make sure that you have a clean bucket with fresh water by your side. When you cut the flowers, place them in the bucket right away. This way, they will not become dehydrated. Take care of this freshly cut bouquet just as you would any other flower arrangement and it will last several days or even a couple of weeks. Especially if you pick the flowers that are only partially opened.

Send a thoughtful gift

Apart from decorating your own home and garden, peonies also make wonderful gifts for all occasions. Pamper your friends and loved ones with a bouquet that they will love and most certainly remember. While some might think that they need to add other blooms and even foliage to the arrangement, this is not always the case. If you leave some of the higher leaves on the stems, you don’t need anything to make your peony bouquet perfect. Simply tie the stems together and wrap the bouquet in some decorative paper for that final touch.

Fun and crafts

Fresh flowers like peonies are also great for fun crafts. You can use them to make things like floral crowns, garlands and so much more. When you have your own fresh supply, you can have plenty of fun with these fabulous flowers.

If you have peonies growing in your garden, you’re in luck. If not, you can always order them from your favourite florist. If you want a peony display that lasts, you could always opt for a silk arrangement instead.

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