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Fabulous Hat Box Flower Designs
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Fresh flowers can be arranged in so many different ways. One of which being inside hat boxes. If you have not yet seen hat box flower designs, you are in for a real treat! These luxurious displays have a unique opulence about them and they are perfect for all occasions.

What are hat box flower designs?

As the name suggests, these designs consist of flowers arranged inside a hat box. The hat box acts as a holder and will support the flowers. It also adds style, colour and can help you create a particular theme. Since hat boxes are not waterproof. You will need another container to hold the water and stems inside the box. There are a couple of ways of doing this.

Using foam

One way is by using floral foam with a plastic tray inside to keep the hat box flower display perfectly in place. Once soaked and placed inside the box, you can start arranging your stems one by one. It is a good idea to start from the bottom. In other words around the rim of the box. This will ensure that the foam is properly concealed. When you insert the next layer, you should add them in such a way that they are placed between the two flowers below rather than in line with them. Repeat with each row of flowers until you have completed the design. If you are using more than one type of flower, make sure that you alternate to create an evenly spaced design.

Using vases

Another option is to use a vase with water inside the box for your hat box flower display. If you are doing, this, you want to make sure that you use a plastic vase. It should be as lightweight as possible. Do not overfill the vase. This increases the chances of spilling and you also make the vase heavier. Again, you want to arrange your flowers starting from the row closest to the rim of the box.

Since the vase does not hold your stems in place like foam, you will need to take some extra care when positioning them. The best tip to remember is to place them in the vase with their stem resting on the opposite side as the flower head itself. Your stems will end up overlapping and intertwining with one another. This ensures that there is enough space for the stems and it also adds support.

Hat box flowers can include any type of flowers you like. Of course, there is no denying the fact that roses look absolutely amazing! The best part of all is that this type of arrangement really allows you to play around with various designs and you can add some lovely accents like flower picks too.

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