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Essential tips for pruning roses
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Roses are some of the hardiest of all flowering plants. They can be grown as potted plants or in your garden. If you want to make sure that your rose plant or bush is happy, it’s important to follow these tips for pruning roses.

Why do you need to prune your roses?

Pruning your rose plant and removing dead blossoms from the plant helps prevent rose hips from forming as well as the growth of mottled flowers with yellowing leaves. It helps prevent the onset and spread of disease while allowing you to determine the size of the plant. If you are limited in terms of space, you can trim the plant to ensure that it does not get too big.

Some important things to remember

  • Prune after the last frost and before the plant breaks out of its dormant state.
  • Prune older rose plants after they are done blooming because they will produce flowers on the parts of the plant that grew the year before.
  • Cut away any dead wood. If you live in a colder area, just look for the parts that perished during the winter months.
  • If you live in a warmer area, severe pruning can be beneficial. This means that you will cut the bush so that only three or four canes remain. In this case, your bush will produce fewer flowers but they will be larger.
  • Moderate pruning means that there will be five to twelve canes remaining. The bush will grow larger and they will produce a larger number of short-stemmed roses.

Tools needed

  • High-quality pruning sheers with curved blades. Flat blades tend to crush the stems.
  • Thick gloves to prevent you from getting poked by thorns.
  • Pruning saw for tougher, woody canes.
  • Lopping shears which have long handles that help you reach taller or out of reach canes for pruning.


  • Cut approximately ¼ inch above the leaf axle. Cut at a 45-degree angle.
  • Choose an eye on the outside of the cane. Cut down and away from your body. This helps encourage the cut to seal itself.
  • Always prune towards outward-facing buds. This increases air circulation and great if you are trying to encourage outward growth.
  • Do not cut too close tot he eye. Less than ¼ inch can damage the plant.
  • Cuts that have a high diameter leave visible stubble and can encourage disease or attract pests.
  • The foliage on your rose bush will usually guide you in terms of where to cut. If your plant is somewhat lacking in foliage, you need to be extra careful. In this case, look for the dormant eye. It is often slightly risen from the cane. This is where the foliage was previously connected.
  • If you intend on displaying roses inside your home and you wish to cut them from the bush in your garden, you should always use the same pruning technique. Your pruning tools should always be sharp and clean.
  • Prevent rust from forming on your tools by wiping metal surfaces and allowing them to dry thoroughly before packing them away.

With these handy rose pruning tips, you will be able to grow beautiful blooms and enjoy them in your home as well.

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